6 Handy Tips for Chartering a Boat

Many people a looking at chartering a boat for their vacation.  To make it a safe and fun holiday keep a few basic tips in mind.

  1.  Arrive at your destination one day ahead.  This will allow you to stock the boat up with the provisions you need, like food and beverages.  Plus doing your own provision will save you money.
  2. Pack your clothes in duffle bags or backpacks.  Hard suitcases with wheels won’t stow well on a boat.
  3. Don’t over pack! Cabin storage isn’t spacious.  Plus you won’t need as much as you think.  For example wearing shoes on board a boat is optional.
  4. If sharing the expense of the charter with friends, pick them well.  You will be in confined spaces so whiners and hot tempered people should remain on land and not on a boat.
  5. When you are on the vessel, remember the electricity and water supply are limited.  You will need to conserve meaning long showers or needlessly keeping on lights is very wasteful. On this vacation you will lower your carbon foot-print.
  6. There should only be one skipper in charge on the boat so when things go haywire (and they can) there is one person making the final decision.  Choose the person well.  😉
Now go out and enjoy the freedom of cruising on a boat.

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