Captain’s Work

The title of Captain has a lofty ring to it. For me it brings up images of a solitary sole at the helm of a vessel guiding it through a storm or one of my Captain trimming sails and checking on navigation.

But being a Captain has many roles and if the Captain is hands-on, there are many duties they perform.  Here are some examples…

Working in the chain locker, painting and resealing the wood.


 Checking the rigging up the Mast.


Hunched over the workbench repairing storage doors.


Or hunched over a greasy windless.


Working on bedding down the handrails.


Helping the First Mate with a sewing project.


Sealing holes on the cap rail.


Taking out the microwave his First Mate didn’t want.


But the best is grilling off the stern.

This is a glimpse into the life of my Captain on his boat.

He’s hard working, handy and as his Boat Wife, I think he’s also nice to look at.

Fair Winds!



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