Boat Delivery Job – From Thailand to Turkey



My husband left looking like a clean-cut guy and after seven weeks at sea, now  looks like an old salt.

Kelly was offered a delivery position on the Sailing Vessel Convergence.  Randy Repass, owner and his bother-in-law Captain Joseph Rodgers were taking the vessel from Thailand through the Red Sea to Turkey.  This meant that Kelly will once again cruise past Somalia to reach their final destination.  We discussed the risks and decided the odds of getting captured or boarded by pirates were slim, so he went.


The voyage was uneventful until they got to the Maldives.  At that time the Arab Spring had started in Egypt, which was one of their stops.  Also the Somali pirates were more active in the region spanning their scope beyond Somali waters because the pirates were avoiding the Coalition Forces that were patrolling the area.

On Convergence they decided to leave and risk the pirates, keeping relaying their position to a contact with the Coalition Forces for added security.  During their transit a vessel named Quest with owners Scott & Jean on board along with two crew members were captured by Somali pirates.  Kelly and I had met and hung out with Scott and Jean when we cruised in Tonga and New Zealand.  Many cruisers knew this couple.

Convergence was only only 200 nautical miles from Quest when it was taken over by the pirates.  A few days after that, they were killed by the pirates.

The whole experience was unnerving.  I looked for emails everyday from Kelly to assure they were fine.  When they landed in Egypt I was able to have a short conversation with him when he Skyped me.

To learn more about these events, check out Randy’s post Cruisers Deaths on Quest with Latitude 38.  Happy to have Kelly back after 7 weeks, he made a couple of friends in Randy and Joseph.  Two great sailors to be on a long passage with.