Black Tape & Wire Nuts. Oh My!

Black tape and wire nuts on a boat, according to the ABYC (American Boating & Yacht Counsel – boating safety experts), is not an acceptable electrical connection.The tape and nuts are suitable for house wiring.  But not a boat, it’s not marine grade.

Unfortunately, our boat is riddled with these types of electrical connections.

Wiring like this throughout the boat
Wiring like this throughout the boat

So the Captain, pulls out his trusty electrical tool box and a quick stop to a marine supply store for the solution.

electrical tool box
Ring terminals, connectors and other goodies for electrical work

He then takes off the wire nuts and black tape, connects the wires to ring terminals and then connects the ring terminals to the terminal block, which he mounted.

Terminal Blocks - Neat and Tidy!
Terminal Block

This fix meets the ABYC requirements and is neat and tidy.

Now the Captain just needs to go throughout the boat and fix all the bad black tape and wire nut connections.

As Boat Wife, I will be supporting him from the galley drinking a hot cup of coffee.

Fair Winds!