Black Paint

When we pulled Trini, (42′ Whitby Ketch) out last April we painted the brown boot-stripe black but didn’t have time to paint the black stripe near the cap rail.  This wasn’t an issue since we knew we could paint it at the dock.

So last week it was time to paint away the dark brown stripe, a stylish color when Trini was built in 1980, to match the black boot stripe.


After tying Trini closer to the dock, painting the stripe was simple.

  • Lightly sand the brown stripe
  • Clean the stripe
  • Tape off
  • Paint on the black and before it dries follow behind with a dry brush to even out the coat of paint.  (Usually best with two people) See photos below.

Due to the weather (there was a rain day) it was a two day process to complete both sides.  Now that we have black stripes future projects will be to make black canvas sail covers, dodger and bimini.

But the next project on the list that is coming up soon is installing refrigeration on the boat.  It’s odd since we are experiencing freezing temps this November and I could just leave the food out in the cockpit to keep it cold.

Until then,

Boat Wife Signing Off!

Sanding brown stripe
Cleaning brown stripe
Tape & Paint
Follow with a dry brush to even out the coat
Finished product