Bad Berth

Berths on boats aren’t the most comfortable to sleep on. When you wake up with a a hangover and you didn’t drink the night before, that is one indication you didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

We got a bad bad bed.  One reason the berth isn’t comfortable is that there isn’t a mattress with springs, just a hard foam cushion.

To make our berth more like a bed than a rack, we fashioned two more layers on top of the cushion.  The top layers came from our old Dux bed which consisted of springs and latex foam.

If we could just through our top-pad over our berth, that would have been the end of this post but berths on boats don’t follow traditional shapes of a bed.

springs 2This is what we did…

The springs were laid out on the berth.  The berth follows the curve on the aft bulkhead.  We marked the springs where to cut in order to make the curved shape in our berth.

SpringsThen Kelly pulled out each set of springs and cut where needed.

shape of bedWe laid the springs over the white latex to mark the curve in it as well.  Then cut away the excess and sewed the material.

dressed bedNow we have a comfortable bed.  However the disadvantage is it’s a bit tall.  Since I’m a bit short (5’4″) and the mattress is hip level,  I have to have a running start to jump into the sack.  .