Darwin, Australia is a part of the Northern Territory and a popular stop for cruisers headed toward Indonesia.  Our stop was a quick one, less than two weeks in the city we accomplished a lot.  We purchased a small outboard engine to replace our unreliable Evan (which was built in the ’60s) and obtained our Visas to visit Indonesia.  Darwin had a wonderful transit system and we even took out our bikes to ride around the city.

We were told saltwater crocodiles could be found in the bay, so we didn’t put a toe in the water.

Dawrin 005 (2)The anchorage is shallow and when the tide goes out, there is a long walk on the beach through wet sand to set our dinghy.


We went to a free outdoor concert.


Met more cruisiers- Dagmar and Bart on s/v Luna and Vincent and Iris on De Pelikaan.

TI (6)Had some fun with our cruising buddies, Ohana Kai with our free Custom Borders Stocking Caps.