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Kelly & Captain Kelly Waterhouse

Kelly & Kelly Waterhouse
Back in 2003, we decided to leave life on land for a simpler life on a boat.  At first, it wasn’t easy living on a boat but it lead to our adventure of sailing around the world.

BTW, we both have the same name, Kelly.  So to keep things straight, “Captain Kelly” is the guy and Kelly “Girl” (a.k.a. Boat Wife) should be self explanatory.

Sailing The Waterhouse

 Moorea,  our 35′ Dufour Sloop, was our home for two years.  During this time we saved our money and outfitted our boat for offshore sailing.   In fact, the day we cut the dock lines, Moorea was more prepared for ocean sailing then we were since we had never sailed beyond the sight of land.

Sailing the Waterhouse


That is not to say we didn’t know how to sail.  Capt. Kelly grew up sailing with his grandparents in San Francisco and he taught me how to sail in the Puget Sound.  But sailing in the open ocean is another experience and one that is hard to describe.  Some people hate it and others love it.  We think it is freeing.

Sailing over 35,000 nautical miles & visiting 30 countries
Our voyage was more than a sailing adventure.  It taught us to appreciate each other.  We had to work as a team to accomplish simple tasks like cooking-as the boat jerked from the ocean swell- or navigating through narrow channels.   There were many situations that challenged us, but we managed through them…together.

 Interested on where we went?  Check out our World Voyage or just Contact Us.

To learn more on how we transition from a life on land to a life on a boat, read my first book – Sailing The Waterhouse: Swapping Turf for Surf

To find out more about our world voyage, read my second book – Sailing The Waterhouse South Until the Butter Melts.  Both are available on Amazon


Introducing Trini- Our New Waterhouse

Now we are living on  Trini, a 42′ Whitby Ketch.  She is an old and bigger boat that needs a lot of work.  New sails, dodger, refrigeration…the list goes on.

Stay updated on our posts of Trini’s Refit and our experience of Living on Boats.




  1. Remeber me? I am sure you are! I always think of you and decided finally to find out what where you doing! I have followed you on the internet since the beginning of you first grand voyage! I am so proud of you and so proud to know both since DUXIANA. The store on Union Street is gone for a while now. Only the one in Bellevue still remains. After Judy’s departure’ nothing was never the same. I really loved it there, but too much pressure for me. I quit after about 12 years there.
    How are you doing! It takes a lot of guts to do what you are doing! twice now? I would be too afraid to never see the land again! I am glad you can do it and enjoy it at the same time. At least you don’t have to see the ugliness of the world ashore! I am still working and going on 71 years this year! Whoa! times flies! You have not changed, still the same young and handsome couple that I knew! So, so proud of you! Fair weather to you always. Mireille

  2. Hey, Kelly & Kelly!
    Jeff here from Marina Del Sol. I have made the transistion from living at the dock to life on the hook (for now) in Dunedin, Florida.
    I made the trip, with the help of a dock buddy, through the ICW to Pensacola and then offshore to Dunedin. From there I’ll go to Palmetto, Florida to keep the boat for a time.
    Thank you both for your encouragement! I’ll work for a time and the maybe off to Dry Tortugas and beyond.

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