A Sea of Green

Around Here:  The heavy spring rains knock loose the Hydrilla that flourish in Clear Creek.  Green rafts of Hydrilla drift into Clear Lake.  The marina we are in seems to attract the floating foliage and this is a problem.

As you can see it’s take over a few of the slips.

Hydrilla 1

The staff works at scooping it out, one pitchfork at a time.


Hydrilla 5


According to our dock neighor, Jack this Sea of Green will eventually rot in the brackish water causing a stench in the heat and then eventually sink to the bottom of an already shallow marina.  That’s why this young 80-something is on his knees to pull it out.



Kelly decided to give him a hand.



I’ve noticed that it also brings in spiders, snakes & who knows what other creatures.  The only good thing I see from the hydrilla is a pretty flower that blooms from it.

hydrilla 4

That’s the news around here.

Fair Winds from the Boat Wife.


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