A Big MAC Attack when Traveling Abroad

In the States we rarely eat at fast food joints.  So for us to have a craving for fast food while on our voyage  was a surprise.  I wonder if it was really a craving or just the need to be in a familiar setting…even in a corporate chain of greasy eats like a McDonalds.

The exterior of the franchise with it’s infamous yellow arches, look the same as in the States but some of the menu options do vary from country to country.

  • In Bali they offered a side of white rice in place of fries.
  • In Italy you could have red wine with your Big Mac.

Sometimes there were slight differences in the ambiance

  • Tahiti’s Micky Ds was next to a shore-line park with a beach that had a few topless sun bathers.  Looking past the distracting pink nipples, the island Moorea (pronounced in the local dialect as Mo-Oh-Ray-A) was our backdrop.  The mighty land mass supports powerful peaks and holds an aura of tranquility.
  • Thailand had a life-sized, plastic Ronald McDonald in a traditional Thai greeting posture.  It’s obvious that Ronald is a happy international traveler.

I agree with most travelers that look down at visiting American Fast-Food chains while traveling abroad.  Try the local cuisine and break out from what you are comfortable with.  Yet as a traveler that was away for many years, sometimes the urge for the taste of home takes over…plus it’s a good way to get free WI-Fi.