3 Methods to Communicate in the Middle of the Ocean

We started in Everett, Washington made our way down to Mexico then headed west with the trade winds to circumnavigate the blue earth.



The map above shows our route circumnavigating the world.  It also shows how we communicated.  Each dot gives our position and we usually have a short message with it….like “Help we’re in the middle of the ocean and don’t have a cell signal!”

You can go to www.shiptrak.org, type in my ham call sign, KE7CSP to bring up the positions.

kbThere are three main methods to communicating while on long ocean passages,

  • Satellite phone – Call anyone anywhere.  Has Internet  & Email Capabilities
  • SSB Radio – Talk to other SSB Radio Users.  Has Email & Weather Report Capabilities
  • HAM Radio – Talk to SSB & HAM Radio User.  Has Email & Weather Report Capabilities

The satellite phone is an option that you may want to pair up with a long-distance radio like a SSB or HAM in order to talk with other cruisers on cruiser nets.  You can use all 3 of these systems to send emails (text only, no images).

We used a HAM Radio and Winlink 2000 with Airmail (the client software) to send emails and access weather reports. Each system has their pros and cons.  Like the learning curve on setting up an SSB or HAM is steep, so bring a parachute.


More information check out my Offshore Communication page to help you decide which is best for you.

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